Alien Species

The Doughnut People are a sapient race of edible, doughnut-shaped beings from planet Torus VIII. In order to infiltrate the Doughnut People and learn more about them, Dr. Mel once created a Doughnut avatar that Brewster could control remotely with his mind.


The origin of Doughnut People used to be a mystery, as some believed they were created by a Divine Baker, with others claiming that they naturally evolved from lower pastries. It was eventually discovered that they were created as one of Dr. Mel's experiments.


Different toppings are known to represent different orders among the Doughnut People, with Sprinkle Doughnuts being the military, Powdered Doughnuts being the scholars and Nutty Doughnuts being the politicians.

The Doughnut People's similarities with Earthly doughnuts extend beyond appearance and taste. They seem to suffer from medical conditions like staling and yeasts, and falling on the floor may be dangerous for their health, unless they land frosting side up and remain there for a safe period of less than five seconds.