General Information
Homeworld Auriga
Height Roughly Human
Diet Omnivores
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless Universe

The Dorgeshi are exiled Rover Clans in Endless Legends.

Characteristics Edit

Banished after a series of feuds, these Roving Clan families left the life of their caravans and cities, exchanging the luxuries of merchants for the hardships of warriors.

Culture Edit

The Clans secrets of beast control were used to master the great Burdemek lizards, turning the Dorgeshi into a fearsome heavy cavalry.

  • Burdeki: The riders of the great Burdemek lizards, the Burdeki are both the scouts and the primary weapon of the Dorgeshi armies. Heavy and heavily armored, their powerful charge and lack of fear makes them dangerous foes.
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