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The Doom Tree
The Doom Tree
Universe Sailor Moon
Homeworld Unknown (Destroyed)
Diet Positive Energy
Sapience Level Sapient

The Doom Tree (Originally Makaiju, meaning "Tree of the Demon World) is an alien being featured in the anime-only Doom Tree Arc of the Sailor Moon series. It is a being of great wisdom and love and has the power to bring life and positive energy to anyone who solicites it.


The Doom Tree hails from an unknown planet far away from Earth in the Milky Way. Being the sole known member of its species, the tree felt lonely and decided to create a human-like race of aliens it refers to as it's children, so as to lure solitude away. The family then lived a long and bontiful era of prosperity. But the children were too intelligent for their own good, and soon their hearts were filled with hatred and lust for power, most of them yearning to control the powers of the tree, leading to a war that ultimately destroyed their entire planet and took most of their lives.

Desperate, the tree took it's remaining children and soared through space, looking for a new planet to live on, but this proved unsuccessful while the children died out. In the end only a couple of kids, Ail and An survived, feeding on the leftover energy stored in the tree's roots. The tree lost it's ability to talk before the kids could warm up to it, and they ended up regarding it as only an energy producing tool.

Several years later, the kids, now young adults, stumbled upon planet Earth and plotted to use the dying remains of the tree as well as a series of creatures known as Cardians to steal the energy and life of all living things on it.

Their plans were often foiled by the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen's alter ego, the Moonlight Knight, but when they seldom succeeded, they only found that the tree would wither more and more with each new energy load it received. It wasn't until Sailor Moon and her friends raided their base that they understood the truth behind the tree.

A powerful Cardian named Yarmandakka captured Sailor Moon and forced her precious energy into the tree who was then horribly mutated into a violent tangle of roots and branches that threatened to destroy the world. Amidst the rampage, An became mortally wounded and Ail finally admitted his love for her. It was this single act that gave the tree enough positive energy to speak once more.

After telling it's remaining children about their real origins, the tree finally asks Sailor Moon to rid her from all the negative energy stored inside it's body using the Silver Crystal. After this Ail uses the pure love energy produced by the tree to save An's life and the tree becomes a small seedling that Ail and An together rename as the Tree of Love.


Although the tree looks similar to a plant and shares some traits with them, it is a being capable of intelligence and speech: It thrives on the energy of the positive emotions of all living things, and transforms it into a white, sap-like substance to nurture it's children with.

It's interesting to note that the tree's central root is shaped like a human heart; it probably works like one too.


The tree is a being of wisdom, knowledgeable in most topics, specially those about astronomy and emotion; and believes that all living things require care and nurturing to grow healthy.

Physical abilities[]

The Doom Tree is commonly unnable to move unless it is infused with a large amount of an exceptionally powerful energy, although this movement will just be due to its rampant outgrow and not actually done out of the tree's will. he tree can use a process akin to that of photosynthesis to produce a nutritive sap out of love and other positive emotions.

The tree is capable of speech. Apparently it's leaves light up when it does so.


Being a creature that is naturally attracted to positive energy, consuming energy obtained throughout evil deed or taken while it's owner is suffering slowly kills the tree.

When low on energy, the tree can't speak.