Alien Species

The Domsten Blobs are a particularly strange alien species sighted at the night of December 20, 1958, in the vicinity of Domsten, Sweden.


These featureless amorphous beings stand about 1.3 meters in height and are bluish-grey in coloration. They can levitate above the ground and emanate a highly unpleasant smell, which has been compared to ether and burnt sausages.

Their bodies are gelatinous enough that punching them has very little effect, but they can still create pseudopods to grasp victims and prevent them from escaping. They've also been described as surprisingly swift and agile. It has been speculated that they might be able to psychically anticipate attacks and react accordingly.


According to witnesses Stig Rydberg and Hans Gustafsson, the aliens' ship was a luminescent discoid vessel, about 5 meters in diameter, which rested atop three legs. The witnesses were driving on an empty road and had to stop due to the heavy fog. When they came out of the car, they noticed the inexplicable light emanating from the forest and found the ship.

A number of blob-like aliens approached and attempted to abduct the two men, who put on a desperate fight. Fortunately, Rydberg managed to escape and return to the car, at which point he blew the horn repeatedly, hoping to attract help. Fortunately, the sound scared the creatures away, as they immediately released Gustafsson and departed.