General Information
Other Names Ne-eh
Habitat Deep oceans
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe A Field Guide to Aliens
Created by Johan Olander

Dolfini are two legged, fish-like aliens that originated from prehistoric aquatic creatures.


Individuals have grey, smooth skin, along with one eye set on top of the head, though this eye is only capable of distinguishing the difference between day and night. Their true use of sight is echolocation ultrasound, similar to that used by Bats or Dolphins (hence their name). Dolfini have a diet similar to aquatic animals as well, often eating fish and seaweed as their main source of food.


Archaeological studies have shown that the ancestors of the Dolfini originated from Earth, their ancestors being prehistoric creatures resembling the dolphins of today. They soon evolved some form of sapience later on in Earth's history, and then developed civilizations underwater during the Mesozoic era (the time of the Dinosaurs). However, Cretaceous Dolfini predicted an oncoming asteroid moving towards the Earth, and soon left Earth behind before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs could take place, thus saving themselves from extinction. Eventually, the Dolfini have found another water world in another galaxy, and have been living there since.


The Dolfini's technological triumphs include interstellar space travel, having large flying saucers with water-filled pods for extended hibernation during travels through space. The spaceships themselves are able to travel through space, air, and water with no apparent change in handling. Dolfini also have sound-based weaponry, which include a sound pistol that can make an enemy deaf and unconscious with one blast.


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