A species of bipedal, extraterrestrial insectoids native to the planet Dokar. These aliens are often described as looking similar to a giant praying mantis.

They stand considerably taller than the average Human, considering their noticeably "hunchbacked" posture. Their bodies are skinny, bluish-green in color, and the head is supported by a long neck. They also possess wings; although it isn't know whether they are able to fly. The eyes are large and do not appear to be composed, as it is common for insectoids.

They also have impressing regenerating abilities and are able to hypnotize others (this might not hold true for all members of the race, though). They also appear to be able to consume highly unusual substances, including toner fluid. Hardly anything is known about their culture and civilization, since the most famous member of this species, the villain Zorak and his assistants, are actually renegades who left their planet to attempt to conquer the galaxy.

One episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast suggests that the Dokarian mating process results in the death of the male, as is the case for Earth mantises. Another episode reveals that they go through molting processes, confirming that they have exoskeletons.


Dokarians made an appearance in Jabberjaw

In the year 2076, a Dokarian vessel attempted to conquer an underwater Human civilization on Earth, but their plans were thwarted by Jabberjaw and the Neptunes (a group of four musicians). While most Dokarians seen there are similar to Zorak, only with a darker skin tone; their leader is a wholly different creature, with a large head, shorter stature, non-beaked mouth and pupil-less black eyes. Despite this, he was dressed in a Dokarian uniform like the others. While it seems unlikely that the very small group of invaders was acting in the interests of the Dokarian government; the fact that they seek to conquer an oceanic settlement might indicate that the species is not only able, but perhaps even prefers, to live underwater.


  • The fact that Zorak is an alien is not always acknowledged in the comedy shows Space Ghost Coast to Coast and The Brak Show, where he is often referred to as a locust or a mantis, even by himself. Zorak has also claimed to be Egyptian.
  • The name "Dokarian" has never been used in official sources, but can be extrapolated from the name of Zorak's homeworld, Dokar. Some sources also describe Zorak as the leader of the "Zorathian" fleet, but since he has been established as a fugitive, it could be inferred that Zorathian is the name of his criminal affiliation, not his species.


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