Dogora is a giant spaceborne creature which feeds on mineral sources of carbon.

Its physical appearance resembles a translucent jellyfish with long, slim tentacles, and is able to operate both in a planetary atmosphere and in the vacuum of space. Dogora has telekinetic abilities and corrosive body fluids. It reproduces by binary fission and fragmentation, being capable of separating small portions of its body which act independently and are each capable of growing into a new fully-developed Dogora. These separated portions also seem to possess bioluminescence.

Dogora comes to planets seeking sources of carbon, such as coal and even diamonds, which it consumes in huge quantities for energy. Curiously, the venom produced by Earth bees and wasps is deadly for the monster, causing its gel-like flesh to solidify and break down in the form of crystalline rocks.


  • Dogora (1964)
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