Alien Species

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are a common species of domesticated animals found on Earth, most often as the companions of Humans as it was humanity that domesticated them. They are considered a subspecies of the grey wolf (Canis lupus).

In popular culture

  • Dogs of unknown origin often appear in Star Wars, as well many non-canine but highly canine-looking creatures share the name "dog" because of several closely resembling qualities.
    • Akk Dogs are an alien species originating on Haruun Kal.
    • Cyborrean Battle Dogs are cyborg hounds.
    • Frog-Dogs are a reptilian alien species with a few resembling features with dogs. Used as 'slave pets' and/or assassins and spies
    • The character of Chewbacca (and the Wookiee species by extension) was partially inspired by George Lucas' dog Indiana.
  • In the DC universe there are many dog-like creatures from various worlds:

    A Kryptonian Dog

    • Kryptonian Dogs are visually identical to Earth dogs in most ways, and possess the same abilities as the humanoid Kryptonians under the yellow sun.
    • G'Nort's species, the G'newtians, resemble humanoid dogs.
    • An episode of Teen Titans features a sapient, green-skinned, shape-shifting alien dog which belongs to the dim-witted alien Soto.
  • Pemalites are a highly advanced dog-like species in Animorphs. Their Android servants, the Chee, created the domestic Earth dog by fusing the last of the Pemalite DNA with the Earthly wolf.
  • Calots, a species from Mars; highly resembling dogs; domesticated primarily by the Green Martians; as companions and/or guards.
  • In the comedy film Good Boy!, Earth dogs are depicted as an alien race from the Sirius System which sent agents to Earth to subjugate humanity several millennia ago. They have failed miserably, as they became pets instead.
  • Marvin the Martian's pet K-9 is a Martian dog: seemingly identical to the Earth variety except for its green skin and enhanced intelligence (they appear to be semi-sapient at least, and sometimes are depicted as sapient and even capable of speech).
  • The Remoolians from Men In Black can easily pass as a Pug dog. Even beneath their disguises their real appearance is still very similar to a Pug.
  • The Doctor Who universe is populated by numerous canine races, including the Lycanthropes, Killorans, Hroth, Galks, Poodles and Barcelonan Dogs. Also, the robotic K9 units invented by Prof. Marius are modeled like mechanical dogs and display similar behavior (such as wagging tails).
  • The Hounds of Tindalos are extra-dimensional, vaguely dog-like entities from the Cthulhu Mythos which dwell in a different temporal realm known as the angles of time. They're named "hounds" for their tracking abilities rather than appearance, but are still portrayed as vaguely canine-looking by illustrators.
  • The Wanshang Dhole from The X-Files is a kind of wild dog capable of shape-shifting and its bite can turn a Human into another Dhole; similar to a Werewolf or the Manitou (a distinct species from another episode).
  • A Xenomorph born from a canine host is called a "Runner", and is easily distinguished from the Human-born variety by its quadrupedal stance and lack of dorsal spines.
  • The Hell-hounds and Predator Hounds are both species used by the Yautja which bear a passing resemblance to Earth hounds, and serve similar purposes.
  • Dr. Doppler from Treasure Planet is an alien who looks like an anthropomorphic dog.
  • The Doog from Star Control 3 were intended to resemble bipedal, reptilian dogs.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, the Nemetrix from Ben 10 can accept dog DNA.
  • Intelligent dogs are featured in some stories by Clifford D. Simak.
    • In Simak's 1953 story "The Answers" (a.k.a. "And The Truth Shall Make You Free"), intelligent dogs are one of the species that explore other planets in space alongside humanity.
    • The sapient dogs created by Bruce Webster play a central role in Simak's 1952 novel City.
  • The Alfa 177 canine is a dog-like species from Star Trek.
  • The alien Amber from Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders assumed the form of a dog while on Earth.