Alien Species

Dodoria's race is a species appearing in the Dragonball universe, only four (technically six) members are shown. The only fan name coined for the is Spikariant.


  • Dodoria - Frieza's third in command
  • Kabosu - an elite soldier in Frieza's army
  • Wings - one of Lord Slug's elite
  • Aka - a high-ranking member of the PTO
    • Abo - one of Aka's split forms
    • Cado - one of Aka's split forms
  • Misokatsun - a bio-warrior copy of the race.
  • Gorman - a soldier in Frieza's army
  • Aprico - a soldier in Frieza's army


Pink coloured[]

The Pink coloured members (like Dodoria) have the best potential as warriors and can become skilled fighters.

Yellow coloured[]

The yellow coloured members (like Kabosu and Aprico) are quite powerful, but not as powerful as the pink members.

Teal coloured[]

The teal coloured members (like Gorman) seem to be the weaker members of the race.

Brown coloured[]

The Brown coloured members (like Wings) have a pair of wings on their back. They can fly faster and are larger than the Pink members, but are weaker.

Purple (Blue/Red) coloured[]

The Purple coloured members (like Aka) have the ability to split into one Blue coloured (like Abo) and one Red coloured (like Kado) member and also combine back into their original form.

Mustard coloured[]

The unnatural Mustard coloured members (like Misokatsun) are bio copies of the race and have incredibly rubbery and flexible body.