Djinn (CGU)
General Information
Homeworld Ciress
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe CrossGen Universe

The Djinns are a race of demonic creatures native to Ciress in the CrossGen Universe.

Biology Edit

The Djinns resemble winged deomic creatures. They were one of the first beings in the Bright Universe that could channel the universal energies but were later denied access to it by their creator. Now inorder to survive the djinn require contracts with humans so that their human masters can channel magic into them for subsidence.

History Edit

The Djinns were one of three races created by the Creator or Solusandra on Ciress. The Djinn were created from smokeless fire and had the ability to call upon the universal energies. However after an upstart efrit named Iblis demanded to the Creator why the djinn should share Ciress with humans who were made from clay. Offended Solusandra disowned the djinn and since that day the djinn have been cut from the universal energies. The djinn were on the verge of extinction without the universal energies and a repentful Iblis turned to the humans for aid. Together with the humans the djinn discovered the unseen universal energies and developed the art of magic. The discovery of magic allowed humans to channel magic into the djinns, allowing them to survive.

Sources Edit

  • Mystic 027 (2002)
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