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Dinobots are the primitive Cybertronians that have gain the abilities of Earth's dinosaurs. They are also Autobots and little more like Decepticons. They're not bad nor evil, just a little reckless and misguided.

Unliked Cybertronians, they don't have a problem of eating large organic meat and plant material. But, often they munch on robotic lifeforms or foes.  

Abillties and TraitsEdit

They have fire breath, enchanced primal strength, animalistic instincts, strong jaws and enchanced durability. The ability to transforms into a dinosaurs and behave more-like their Beast Modes behaviorial traits.

They are dim, tough, aggressive and protective of allies.

Generation 1Edit

TV SeriesEdit

Three were created by Wheeljack and few other Autobots for additional members for battling Decepticons. But, were shut down due for their animalistic carange on the Autobot Base and never be use again. Until, Wheeljack improved their intelligences and later given names. Aftering aiding the Autobots against Megatron's forces, they are welcome to the team and allow to lived among them. 

Transformers: AnimatedEdit

In the 2008 series, they were mechanical dinosaurs in Dino Drive park filled other robot dinosaurs teach humans about Earth's prehistoric past and Bulkhead destroyed three robot dinosaurs. After being rebuilted Isaac Sumdac while trick to used Megatron's blueprints for their designs. Originally, built to be attack drones for Megatron and were activated to attack everyone inside Dino Drive and attacking Autobot team. Sari's key detected Cybertronian's  technology inside the machines, Sari boosted Bumblebee's stingers and Ratchet's EMP blast giving them life and becoming living Cybertronian Beasts. 

Megatron complaining his plan failed to destroyed the Autobots again. Then, one Dinobot listen to Megatron's sentences and choose the words "Grimlock" as his name. Grimlock established to the Decepticon leader he is leader and the other two begin to obey only him. Megatron lied they are dinosaur and fossil oil are the same, shows that oil fuel and Grimlock believe cars and trucks eat dinosaurs. Which Megatron used their anger against Earth's terrain transportion vehicles as their enemies and including the Autobots. They are promise from Megatron if they the fossil-feeding Autobots, he'll build more Dinobots like them and they begin destroying any fossil-feeders (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) Once captured in tar cinder-blocks, Isaac Sumdac believed they should meltdown because they're too dangerous and Prowl didn't agreed with this decision. Prowl and Bulkhead took the Dinobots to their new island home at Lake Eerie, naming the island "Dinobot Island' and living there in peace. After the two Autobots left, Grimlock gets upset with two pesky birds and began transform into prehistoric robot mode. Now, the Dinobots start on transforming to Robot Mode if facing strong enemies and chasing away intruders off their island.

Known MemebersEdit

  • Grimlock: Dinobot Leader and the only member with the power of speech. Mostly, he is alway seen in his Dino-Mode (a Tyrannosaurus Rex). 
  • Swoop: Dinobot Bombardier and the only member with the power of flight. 
  • Snarl: Dinobot Smasher and the only member to be more understanding then the rest of his kind. He only obey Grimlock because is the leader and love smahing things with his fellow Dinobots. 

Fall of CybertronEdit

Known MembersEdit

  • Grimlock
  • Slug
  • Sludge
  • Snarl
  • Swoop


  • They are known to be rowdy and larger than the other Autobots. Original Autobots until Shockwave turn them into prehistoric weapons and later joined the Autobots after escaping Shockwave's lab. In Fall of Cybertron game, like their origin story. They were captured by Shockwave and reformatted as "Dinobots" for future Decepticons's weapons. Until, they escaped and rejoined the Autobot's cause in their way. 
  • Like Decepticons, they like smashing things and fighting. This would mean they were once gladiators and becoming a special task team. Despite these behaviors, they are caring towards friends and willing to help allies in the toughest battles. 
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