Alien Species

The Dimeans were a tall sentient species from the planet Dimea, known for their nasty disposition. Many years before the Mandalorian Wars, they were ruled by an overlord named Kraat. After capturing the Jedi Andor Vex, Kraat was killed when he threw the man down an intake shaft, inadvertently causing his warship to explode. The loss of the leader had a significant effect on the Dimeans and affected the political course of that sector for many years.

Biology and appearance[]

The Dimeans were a sentient species known for their nasty disposition. Their warlord, Kraat, was considered a tall individual by the Human Jolee Bindo and had large teeth. He was strong enough to crush a Human's throat.


The Dimean species were native to the planet Dimea, in the Dimea star system, located in the eastern portion of the Expansion Region. They were more active in the galaxy in the years prior to the Mandalorian Wars. At this time, they were led by an overlord named Kraat, who was particularly nasty for his species. Kraat commanded a Dimean warship, and on one occasion overtook a starship containing two members of the Jedi Order—Jolee Bindo and Andor Vex. Among the Jedi, Vex was believed to have a significant destiny to fulfill. Consequently, a mythos of perceived infallibility arose around him, and Vex himself soon began to believe in it. When the Dimean overlord hauled Vex and Bindo aboard his bridge for questioning, Vex demanded the Dimean release him, confident that his destiny would prevent him from dying here. Kraat reacted by crushing the man's throat and throwing him down a giant energy intake shaft. This inadvertently caused a reaction with the warship's reactor, setting off alarms and eventually causing the warship to explode. While Bindo escaped the starship, Kraat was killed.

The repercussions for Dimean society were profound. The species never recovered their former strength, and the political course of that sector of space was affected for centuries. Jolee Bindo retold these events to Revan—an amnesiac Jedi—during his quest to find the Star Forge.