The Diggas are a culture of humans on the planet Gorkamorka.

Background Edit

Descendants of an Imperial survey team, that were sent to Gorkamorka, then called Angelis, to investigate a series of strange pyramids emerging from the planet's surface. However a Space Hulk had emerged from the Warp and collided with their vessel in orbit the Eternal Vigilance. Losing contact with their vessel, disaster soon followed as the Space Hulk crashed onto the planet, causing the entrances beneath the pyramids to collapse tarpping the survey team underground. The survey team fell upon each other fighting over the strange technology that helped them survived. Over the generations they forgot their history and when the emerged from the surface of the planet found it to be populated by Orks. The Orks initially attacked the humans, but somehow the humans were saved by the intervention of the robotic creatures that inhabited the pyramids. In recent years the Diggas and Orks have found a way to coexist, the Diggas trading the salvage they find in the ruins, which the Orks dare not thread, for Ork-made artifacts and technology.

Culture Edit

The Diggas had been reduced to violent savages that mimic the Orks of their world. The Diggas come from several tribes, each led by a Diggaboss known as Da Wrecker. The Digga warriors form innumerable little clans, lodges and warbands which are led by Digganobz. Most Diggas have come to imitate Orks in many ways, wearing tight fitting skullcaps painted green, or hair squigs, and huge jawbones around their necks or grotesque masks shaped to look like fierce Ork faces. Some wear big hide coats with raised shoulders to shade them from the sun and make them look bigger. The Orks have got used to the idea that Diggas are a bit backward and act like Gretchin in a lot of ways. Orks usually treat Diggas with indulgence and some particularly desperate Nobz have even let them join their mobs in the past.

Appearances Edit

  • Gorkamorka:Da Uvver Book (1997)
  • Digga (1997)
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