The Diathim were a strange race of beings, native to the moon Millius Prime and its planet, Iego, were often referred to as "Angels". The University of Sanbra officially recognized the name Diathim. Individually, Diathim appear to be female humanoids that stood between two and three meters in height. Six blade-shaped wings grew from their backs, allowing the Diathim to fly through the air, resembling the angels of many cultural religions. The body of a Diathim seemed to be made up of exceptionally bright, white light, which was tinged around the edges by a pale yellow aura. This light made distinguishing any facial features nearly impossible, giving rise to the varied descriptions of their true appearance. The legend that the Angels came from Maelibo's moons was rooted in a nugget of truth, because the Diathim could travel through the vacuum of space near Maelibo, moving from the planet and its moons to approach any starship that stumbled upon the planet.

Individual Diathim spent most of their life moving through the Extrictarium Nebula, and only touched the surface of Maelibo in the area known as the Choir Alignment. There seemed to be no language among the Diathim, and although they radiated benevolence, they were known to have sabotaged many starships. It was believed that those beings who disappeared on Maelibo lived forever on the planet's surface, although Maelibo had to discernable natural resources. It was also believed that the Diathim were responsible for bringing starships to Maelibo, although the way in which they accomplished this was never discovered.

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