Alien Species

Dheronians are a humanoid race hailing from the planet Dheron, a planet within the same system as Krypton.


They are distinguishable from Humans by their white skin, eyes, hair (with a small black streak), black nails, lips, and markings around their eyes and on their cheeks and nose. Also seem to have black thin tails. 


Once outside their star system, Dheronians develop new abilities determined by the frequency of each new sun's light and internal radiation. White stars and dwarf stars, blue stars and yellow suns all give them different properties. Pulsars and quasars give them "power beyond imagining", though it is unknown exactly what these powers are.

  • Superhuman Strength: Dheronians gain incredible strength while in their super-powered state. Tyrell was able to send Superman high and far into the air and completely through a building with a single punch, and later when he and Superman clashed, the force of their fist's impact created a shock-wave which shattered the windows of skyscrapers. He then sent Superman, and himself, flying into a wall, causing it to apparently crack like glass, despite being made of Dheronian metal.
  • Superhuman Speed: Dheronians are incredibly fast. Tyrel back-punched Superman at an almost instant speed.
  • Flight: Tyrell could defy gravity and fly even with one of his robotic "wings" missing.
  • Invulnerability: Tyrell was able to take the full force of Superman's impact into a subway train with no discomfort. He took Superman's super-strong punches and only displayed discomfort equal to that of a normal Human fight. He was unharmed (though slightly burned) by Superman's heat vision, and finally was able to survive being hit by the full speeding force of Kal-El's ship and thrown through the structure of a building.


Dheronians are the dominant and only known species of Dheron. They evolved at similar rates to Kryptonians, but theirs was the harder path. Their planetary climate was more difficult, and their natural resources were fewer. Regardless, their population grew and prospered. They and the Kryptonians both developed limited-range space flight at roughly the same time. Every twenty years, the distance between Krypton and Dheron's respective orbits was usually great enough to preclude travel and contact between the two species. The Dheronians waged war with Krypton every twenty years for all the things Krypton had that Dheron did not. The Kryptonians did the same for the few things Dheron had that Krypton did not. As a means of leverage, the Dheronians ensured that the Krypyonians never advanced far enough in their own efforts at star travel to gain the advantage in battle. The Kryptonians later did the same to them, killing many Dheronian young in the process. Dheron was later visited by a mysterious race of beings who offered a proposition. Two years later, under the mysterious man's guidance, they launched a series of probes to penetrate miles into Krypton's fiery core. They chose deserted areas where the damage would not be immediately noticed and used the mystery race's advanced technology to avoid detection. The probes created an energy field that prevented heat from dissipating upward. Over time, the heat built up to the point where Krypton became unstable, causing the core to become unstable and explode.


  • The Dheronians have yet to appear outside of Superman: Earth One.