The Devourers of the Abyss are creatures that appear in Season 5 of Winx club.


The Devourers of the Abyss are giant fish that live in the deep parts of the Infinite Ocean. They eat everything on their path and are unstoppable, not even Sirenix powers are effective against them.


Devourers of the Abyss are large fish with a large square head with a mouth filled with long sharp teeth. They have a pair of large fins and a long thin tail. There are large spikes on their body, glowing green eyes and a fin ending that look like a small green glowing bulb on the top of their heads which are their only weak points.


Season 5Edit

In The Devourer, when a Devourer of the Abyss tried to attack the Trix, their powers could not stop it and it almost ate Icy but Tritannus saved her by using his toxic powers to take control of it and send it to eat all the Selkies in the Infinite Ocean.

Daphne appeared to Bloom in a vision and warned her. However Bloom, Stella and Aisha were at the Sovereigns' Council meeting on Domino and could not leave and Bloom then warned Tecna, Flora and Musa who were at Alfea and they were able to stop the Devourer by using their powers on its weak spot to free it from the control of Tritannus.


  • The appearance of the Devourer is a mix of several marine animals:
    • Its square head is similar to the head of a sperm whale,
    • Its fins and tail are like those of a manta ray,
    • The fin with a bulb on their head is similar to the esca of anglerfish.
    • It's tail spikes and body armor bares resemblance to the plates and tails of stegosaurs.
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