Devonian are a race of aquatic fish-men from the novel Time's Black Lagoon.

History[edit | edit source]

The Devonians were an amphibian race of humanoids that existed and died out during the Devonian Period, around 416 Million Years ago. They were thought to be the precursor race of humanity that adapted to the deluge environment of that era. By the twentieth century the only reference of this species existence was from an aged old professor who recounted an expedition of the capture of the last survivor of the species. Two of his pupils fascinated by the professor's story and existence of the creature created a time machine to the point where the Devonians flourished. It was their intent collect DNA samples to preserve the unique biological markers that gave the Devonians their characteristics so that they me incorporated into the human race of the future.

The scientists were successful in making contact with the Devonians who turned out to be more peaceful and friendly compared to the Devonian throwback their professor had described. They maintained cordial relations, learning from each others cultures. During a funeral ceremony the scientists were shocked o discover that the Devonians were not actually a native race of Earth but in fact descendants of crew that crashed landed their starship eons ago. Though the acquiring the Devonians DNA seemed pointless due to the fact humans and Devonians were incompatible, the scientists were confident that they could adapt Devonian genetics into man. In addition they wished to transplant some Devonians into 2015 for future study and cultural exchange.

Over a span of a few months the scientist continued to study the Devonians, watching their progression as a society. However during one experiment in using the time machine to see how the Devonian's culture would advance in the far future, the scientists were met with the reason for the Devonian extinction. On one unfortunate exploration of the deep sea, a young Devonian contracted a strange microbe after being exposed to the thermal vents. He became horribly mutated, more aggressive, and feral to the point of attacking his fellows. Those that were attacked, contracted the same illness as he and too turned on their Devonian neighbors. The plague which afflicted them caused them to spread into a ravenous horde that wished to spread.

A lone surviving untainted Devonian, Mudshaper, tried warned the scientists of the plague his brethren possessed, but it was too late, the tainted Devonians took possession of the time machine. After the numerous encounters with the humans the Devonians had long since learned that their species became extinct, however the virus caused them to desire to expand and spread into the future.

The scientists and their single Devonian friend managed to escape their clutches, but not before a large number of the tainted Devonians entered into the present era of 2015 and escaped into the seas. Seeking to help the Devonians and save their planet from a plague, the scientists examined the virus and with the aid of Mudshaper theorized that the Devonians themselves could provide their salavation. As the Devonian caste Fleshmolder could mentally eradicated the infected area, so long as the Fleshmolder knew what kind of disease he was fighting. Their plan was to use their time machine and collect as many Fishcallers and Fleshmolders from previous eras before the plague to the present. With the Fishcallers they would lure the tainted Devonians from the seas and back into the past while the Fleshmolders would cure the disease.

The plan was successful ensuring the safety of the two species and timelines.

Culture and society[edit | edit source]

The Devonians were originally starfarers from another star, however for some inexpiable reason the Devonians were stranded on Earth during the Devonian era. Examples of their people's technology before adopting a more primitive lifestyle indicated a high level of technological sophistication. The vessel which carried them was of an organic nature which they referred as Mother. Statements by the Devonians suggest that the Mother was a living entity but as since died after landing on Earth. Now it apparently serves in a funerary sense where a deceased is brought back to the Mother for final burial. The Devonians are of tribal culture, they live in crudely made villages along the coastal areas of the Devonian era. They possess a caste society where positions that are essential to the livelihood of the community are always maintained:

  • Mudshaper: A position in which a Devonian is skilled enough to shape mud and creature structures.
  • Fishcaller: A position which involves calling sea bounty and communicating with other Devonains.
  • Fleshmolder: A healing profession where a use can mentally heal a would of a victim.

They had little to no tool use, preferring to use their hands and natural mental abilities to manipulate their environment. After being exposed to humanity, the Devonians had learned to create and build tools. In addition they had begun to adopt wearing jewlery and adornments, following by example of a Hindu woman's attire.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Time's Black Lagoon, by Paul Di Filippo (2006)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Devonians were invented for the novel Time's Black Lagoon to provide a new origin story for the eponymous beast from the 1954 Universal classic film Creature from the Black Lagoon. In the film itself and other media, the creature is not an alien, but instead a very advanced type of prehistoric amphibian.
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