Devonians are a race of sapient fish-like humanoid aliens that appear in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.


Devonians stand bipedally and upright like humans, but possess green scaly skin, fins on the sides and top of their heads, and only two fingers on each hand. Devonians do wear clothing, but in most cases it resembles a type of armor that is worn over their upper torso.

Devonians seem to have a much longer lifespan than humans, as it is implied that the Devonians' king has been alive and ruling their kingdom for hundreds of years.


When the Devonians arrived on Earth long ago, their technology was already considerably more advanced than mankind's is now. The Devonians were able to construct deep spacecrafts capable of safely transporting their entire race to another planet. The Devonians constructed a beautiful underwater utopian society, one that possibly inspired various ancient human legends of places like Atlantis.

Several centuries ago, a Cryog spaceship crashed into the ocean near the Devonian capital. The Devonians' king examined the wreckage and was enraged by how much more advanced and sophisticated their technology was than theirs. He then began a scientific revolution in Devonian society, adopting Cryog technology and using it for his race's own means.

By the present day, the Devonians are able to genetically engineer gigantic monsters like Destoroyah and Biollante, as well as control other naturally-dwelling sea monsters like Titanosaurus, Gezora, and Manda.

Society and CultureEdit

It is suggested that in the past, the Devonians lived in a peaceful and nearly utopian society. However, once the new Devonian king took power, he brutally killed all political opposition, including women and children, and established a totalitarian monarchy. After this point, the Devonians became a very militarized oppressive society ruled by the king.



  • The Devonians are a tribute to the various subterranean/underwater races that appear in Toho's kaiju films, such as the Seatopians, the people of Mu, and the Nilai-Kanai.
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