Alien Species

The Devil's Rose is a carnivorous alien plant.[1]


The plant in appearance resembles an Earth rose with thinner, more triangular and colorful petals. The flower is large with a white center that shades to violet towards the edges.

It has a strong smell, that Terrans consider extremely pleasant. The plant uses its smell to attract the insect equivalents on its homeworld. The "insects" are attracted to the flower by the smell, and when they climb into the flower to extract nectar, the petals, which are covered with jellyfish-like nematocyte stinger cells, enclose and trap it. Then, digestive juices are injected into the insect, and it is dissolved and absorbed.

The venom of the Devil's Rose is effective on humans because of a chemical reaction, as the most species that evolved on a terrestrial planet are capable of poisoning each other. However, if the plant tried to consume a terran life form, it might very well poison itself.


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