The Deuyivans are a minor insect race in Endless Space.

History[edit | edit source]

The Deuyivans are not a race that was "created" so much as they are a race that "occurred". Originally an unwanted insectoid infestation on a planetary-scale Dyson object around a gas giant, the death of the Endless caretakers and the slow decline of the station left the Deuyivan alone to evolve, study, and explore. Over a period of centuries and then millenia they were thus left alone to expand across a surface that was rich in resources and, for all practical purposes, limitless in size. With little in the way of competition for food or space, they mutated and grew to become an exceedingly intelligent race of tireless and dextrous scientists.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Unparalleled in their studies of gravitation and non-baryonic interactions, their natural hardiness makes them quite willing to test their theories in environments that even the Sophons would think twice about. Their history has left them terribly reserved and shy, however, and they contact other species with great hesitation. Curiously, as they are all distinct members of a multi-node yet monolithic hive, they did not use or require names and thus picked up the habit of adopting the names of other sentients that they meet.

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