Detrovites are a species from the planet Vulcan.


Anatomy Edit

Detrovites are large muscular humanoids with orange skin, yellow eyes, teeth merged with their lips and two horns on their jaw.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Detrovites have enhanced strength, allowing them to fight on-par with Tetramands, Piscciss Volanns, and Vaxasaurians at their base size.

Detrovites are extremely durable, as they are completely unfazed by a Pyronite's fire blasts and a Petrosapien's diamond shard projectiles.

Detrovites are a weather-resistant species, as Vulcan is 850 degrees "on a cold day". Despite that, Vulkanus is able to survive in the temperatures found on Earth.

Detrovites can breathe underwater and survive in the vacuum of space.

Weaknesses Edit

Powerful explosions can reduce a Detrovite to only their heads.

Detrovites can be immobilized by ice, such as an Evolved Necrofriggian's ice flames.

Culture and society Edit


Ancient Detrovites used energy manipulation tools to break down their food. Some of those implements are older than Earth's solar system.

Detrovites can create a great navigational system, one of which existing within the Proto-TRUK.

Gallery Edit


  • Whenever his full body is seen on-screen, Vulkanus does not look like a normal Detrovite because he is regenerating after an explosion. Therefore, his body is at a size much smaller than normal Detrovites.[1]
  • It is implied that the Omnitrix contains Detrovite DNA.


  1. According to Derrick J. Wyatt
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