Universe Tracker Universe
Homeworld Desert world in the Migar System.
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Unspecified
Sapience Level Sapience

The Desserians are an extraterrestrial species with incredible chameleonic powers.

Biology Edit

Suudor disguised as Jack the Ripper.

Suudor, a very dangerous Desserian.

Evolving on an unspecified desert planet within the Migar System, the species who were to become the Desserians came from a line of non-predatory organisms, forcing them to develop extreme blending abilities. Because of this, a Desserian is extremely difficult to spot within a crowd, as they are capable of blending into social groups with ease.

Much of the flora on their homeworld is poisonous. As a result, their taste buds act as portable chemical laboratories to spot poisons before they enter the bloodstream. It's assumed that Desserians have a healing ability, as Suudor was able to heal from a gunshot clean through his hand.

Notable Desserians Edit

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