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A Desbrachian is an insectoid creature found on the Bottle Ship. They are normally found in a cocoon-like form blocking passenges and the like on the Bottle Ship. They were presumably bioengineered on the Bottle Ship.


Desbrachians are insectoid creatures with wings and large powerful arms. They are extremely adept at combat, being both fast and strong. Most attacks involve sweeping its large powerful arms at foes at high speeds. If their foe tries to jump into the air, the Desbrachian will slam it back into the ground. Missiles have a chance of bouncing off of its armor, hurting the launcher. It will also cause the Desbrachian to unleash a purple shockwave that scrambles the foe's vision. When damaged greatly, it will retreat into a green-tinted cocoon-like form and regenerate itself. Power Bombs can cause the Desbrachian to exit the cocoon.

Considering the shape of its teeth, it is likely a carnivore.

MOM creature

A close up of a Desbrachian


When Samus Aran first encounters them, they are being controlled by MB telepathically. Samus defended several Galactic Federation soldiers, Madeline Bergman, and herself from at least four of them. When MB is defeated, they revert into their cocoon form. Upon returning to the room, they are gone, leaving the possibility that the Galactic Federation took them. It is also possible that they were disposed of.

When Samus returns to the Bottle Ship later, she can use Power Bombs to awaken the Desbrachian "cocoons", causing them to attack. When defeated, they allow access to hidden passenges and items.

With the destruction of the Bottle Ship, it is possible that Desbrachians are now extinct.


  • Metroid: Other M (First appearance)