Dentics are non-sapient maggot-like creatures which live in symbiosis with larger lifeforms by eating the food leftovers in their mouths.

Many sapient species keep Dentics around for hygienic purposes. Besides cleaning the teeth and preventing gum infection, they will also leave the host with a pleasant minty breath, thanks to their mint-smelling urine. It has been stated that one should never swallow a Dentic. Although no specific reason is given for this, it can be assumed that they have evolved natural defenses to keep hosts from devouring them once they've finished their job. They become edible when deep fried, but retain an unpleasant taste.

There are at least two known varieties of this species: one is white and limbless with a row of black spherical features on its back; the other is light brown in color and greatly resembles a caterpillar. The white variety also seems to possess thin sensorial whiskers.


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