The Deneans share a great deal of similarity with humans. They are mostly of the same build, look and physiology, with the noticeable differences of wider jawlines and elongated ears that come to a point at the bottom.

Their world and society are largely similar to Earth in the middle of the twentieth century, replete with wooden and brick houses and vehicles powered by fossil fuel. The Deneans, like humans on Earth, are xenophobic, but the military does operate research projects searching for extraterrestrial life. They have no spaceflight capabilities. They believe Moya's emergency landing to be their first contact with aliens. However, there is speculation that the Deneans may have been visited before because they seemed to have translator microbes. Those who heard John Crichton and Pilot speak were somehow able to understand them. Aeryn Sun talks with Ka D'Argo about how the planet reminds Crichton of Earth, and with disbelief at Earth and the planet's "primitiveness".

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