Alien Species

Delvians are a species of roughly the same height and proportions as the average humanoid. However, instead of being a form of fauna, Delvians are actually floral organisms, with their main characteristic being blue skin with light green patterns. Their lifespan exceeds centuries and they are known to have psychic abilities.


It is not known whether Delvians photosynthesize like regular Earth-based plants, but they are known to consume other vegetation, and on rare occasions meat. The sun, however, does have a pleasurable effect on their body. Known as a photogasm, it can only be speculated that these produce similar effects to orgasms upon the body, but without the need for sexual contact or provocation.

Delvians have no bones. Instead, their skeletal system consists of fibrous tissues akin to cartilage. According to Zotoh Zhaan, they also have "tuperadinous cellulose tissue and regenerative fascia membrane"; and their bluish coloration results from "chloroplast tintation", with yellow highlights being "stomata for the transpiration of water". They've also demonstrated the capacity to blend in when surrounded by foliage, essentially becoming invisible.

Delvians are omnivorous but prefer vegetable matter to animal flesh. However when depleted of sustenance over an extended period of time, their bodies can enter a form of shock. Early stages of the condition do not impede their cognitive functions, but eventually they will vanish. Buds though begin to form on their faces which continue to grow after exposure to intense light and produce pollen that causes severe allergic reactions to animals. The purpose of the buds is to incapacitate animals to protect Delvians at their weakest. Once the animals tries to consume the Delvian, they become poisoned, which allows the Delvian to consume its flesh to halt and reverse the budding cycle.


Thousands of cycles ago the Kkore had discovered a wormhole that connected their realm to the Milky Way Galaxy. The wormhole was emerged near the planet Doien, homeworld of the Pilots. The Khore sent out emissary vessels to scout the galaxy to see whether it was suitable for conquest to add to the Kkore Hegemony. However the wormhole to Grey Space, the realm where the Kkore originated, only stayed open briefly and would only open in another 25 cycles. The Kkore fleets having completed their survey of the galaxy decided that it would be added into the Hegemony in time. For the time being the Kkore would prioritize other realms close to the Hegemony before targeting the Milky Way Galaxy. Most of the emissary vessels retreated back to Grey Space, save for only three vessels.

These vessel were led by the Great Prophet Ssaryn Zhaaan, who led a faction of refugee Kkore who disagreed with contemporary Kkore society and urged for a return to their peaceful ways before the Corruption of Conquest. The Great Prophet convinced his followers to take refuge on the world of Delvia or "place of refuge" to rebuild a new society. His movement eventually led to the creation of the Delvians who would seek peace through their religion known as the Delvian Seek.

To put their past as members of the Kkore behind them, the Delvians having been descended from a Kkore order of healers used their skills to manipulate their seeds to physically alter their species.

In addition, they maintained watch over the wormhole near Doien for the day when their Kkore cousins would return to claim the galaxy. However hundreds of cycles passed and no sign of an invasion force arrived. Eventually after two thousand cycles the Delvians pulled back their presence from Doien believing that the Kkore had given up plans for conquest.

Since then the Delvians maintained a pacificist approach with other cultures and allied themselves with neighboring worlds for mutual defense.

In 1974, the Delvians existed as an independent world under the guidance of their theocratic government. The reigning government body being part of a conservative faction was suppose to pass power to the next leaders, but having grown corrupt, they instead decided to retain their authority. The Peacekeepers were contracted by the corrupt faction, and the former uses aggressive military force to discourage resistance. Those that opposed the conservative faction were summarily silenced and executed. The conservative faction's hold over Delvia would be short as their leader Bitaal was murdered by his enraged lover Zotoh Zhaan after she learned that her father was arrested and sentenced to an asteroid camp for speaking out against Bitaal. The conservative faction leaderless, they were quickly consolidated under the thrall of the Peacekeepers.

Due to the majority of the leaders of the conservative faction being members of the Delvian Seek, the religion had become abandoned by most Delvians and those who still follow it were exiled.


Delvians are a generally peaceful species that focus on mediation and introspection, preferring carefully planned action over immediate action. Having evolved on a planet with a wide variety of flora, many Delvians have a rudimentary understanding of herbal medicine and basic scientific disciplines. They are a pacifistic people aimed to spread knowledge and enlightenment.

In the past majority of the Delvians followed a religion called the Delvian Seek, which centers around worship of the "Goddess" and strive for enlightenment through inner control. Through discipline the Delvians believe that can understand one's purpose and potential.

Leaders of the Seek were called Pa'u who attained advancement to various plateaus in their journey in life towards self-mastery. By reaching each plateau, a Pa'u can develop and master inner powers that border on mystical, enabling them to manipulate the physical environment. Though there are dangers as a Pa'u crosses more plateaus as while they become more powerful their inner emotions grow stronger and can lead to madness or death.