The Deltans are a sapient telepathic species native to the planet Delta, which orbits the Alpha Centauri System.

They are limbless peanut-shaped creatures which float above the ground. Their only notable feature is a single opening on the face which appears to be an eye, and rhythmically opens and closes as they speak. They absorb nutrients from the ground, like vegetables, and are capable of telepathy and instantaneous teleportation; the latter being an ability they claim takes many years to master. Their technology is not based on metals, since Delta is very poor on those. Wood is also unknown to them, despite the lush vegetation covering of their planet. They are also immune to vacuum, heat and cold.

First contact was established between them and the United Galactic Organization (which, despite its name, is confined to the Sol System) in the year 2100. They were the first extrasolar species to be discovered by the people of Earth, Mars and Venus.


  • Space Patrol (1963 - 64):
    • Ep.15 - "Message from a Star"
    • Ep.38 - "Destruction by Sound"
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