General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Body Type Amorphous
Height Variable
Locomotion Variable
Diet Phototrophic
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Racial Abilities Shape-shifting
Behind the Scenes
Universe Oh, My Sweet Alien!
Created by Kouji Miyata

The Delaro-Sa is a strange, shape-shifting amorphous species with a metabolism based on photosynthesis, similar to an Earth euglena.


They move from planet to planet by hijacking spaceships of other races and can remain dormant for long periods, after which they seek out sources of light to obtain energy. The more light they absorb, the bigger they grow.

A biologically-versatile species; their shape-shifting abilities allow them to adapt themselves to the environment they currently find themselves in. In spite of their blob-like appearance, they can become solid enough to easily climb buildings and leap over great distances. The single antenna on top of their head constitutes the Delaro-Sa's weak spot, as being grabbed by it makes them vulnerable and negates most of their abilities.

They can harmlessly enclose other beings within their gelatinous bodies to carry them away, and are notably unaffected by Mrs. Makabe's warping optic beams.


  • Oh, My Sweet Alien! (2009 - 2015), by Kouji Miyata
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