General Information
Homeworld Tridan
Locomotion Multiple
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Gandahar Universe

The Deformed are a race of mutants from the Gandahar Universe from the planet Tridan.

Biology Edit

The Deformed were originally Gandaharians, but due to genetic sciences became misshapen creatures. The Deformed vary from one another possessing extra limbs, heads, body parts located in disturbing places on their bodies. However the Deformed possess powerful psychic abilities, capable of manipulating the weather, telekinesis and even clairvoyance. Their clairvoyant powers seem to however be in decline with each new generation, making them unable to see clearly in the future.

History Edit

Thousands of years ago the Deformed were Gandaharians that were used in genetic experiments by Gandahar's scientists. The results of achieving biological perfection resulted in turning these subjects into misshapen monsters. Ashamed of their failures, Gandahar banished the Deformed. The Deformed would later be forgotten by the Gandaharians who regarded them as nothing but stories.

Sylvin Lanvere would later rediscover the Deformed during the Invasion of the Men of Metal. Though the Deformed were still bitter of their exile by Gandahar, the saw the Men of Metal as a greater threat and guided the knight-servant to the Men of Metal's base.

When the Men of Metal launched a full scale invasion of Gandahar, the automatons trespassed over the Deformed underground sanctuary. The Deformed while exiled still believed themselves to be part of Gandahar used their powers to raise a lightning storm over the Men of Metal, destroy part of its invasion force.

The Deformed journeyed to the capital of Jasper, only to see that the city was already preparing to evacuate due to the encroaching army.

In 1,000 years the Deformed still existed, being spared from processing by Metamorphis as he saw the Deformed to be unsuitable to nourish his cells, discarded the Deformed to the depths of the Earth. They met with the awaken Sylvin Lanvere and aided him in freeing the captured Gandaharians and destroying Metamorphis.

The surviving Deformed cross the Threshold of Time and came to the past with the captured Gandaharians.

Culture Edit

The Deformed are peaceful beings, preferring to live in the shadows of Gandahar. While they are still bitter over their exile from their homeland they are still very much loyal to their nation. Due to their clairvoyant abilities, the Deformed can see the future, predicting the destruction of Gandahar in the future and its salvation in the past. This double prophecy has made them develop a two-fold mentality, referring everything as 'was/will' rather than 'am' holding past and future as one.

Sources Edit

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