The Decorated Cannon Beetle is a species of specialized Lithopod found during returning expeditions onto PNF-404 by Captain Olimar. Adult forms of this species had so far never been discovered, only larval forms being studied as of current.

Description[edit | edit source]

Adult forms had never been discovered, so it's impossible to truly speculate what adults look like. Juvenile Decorated Cannon Beetles hold a similar look to most juvenile Lithopods, with their red coloration associated with their diet of iron ore.

Despite no adult specimens, there is some interesting differences between this variant and other species:

  • One such difference is that the larva of this species strike out on their own, and had been observed freely roaming the surface, whereas other species remain within burrows until their armor develops.
  • The rocks they produce and use, thanks to their diet of iron, has a magnetic field to them, and other objects of high-steel or metal properties will attract said rocks towards them. Many explorers note of this detail, and highly advise against bringing metallic tools and suits when studying the creatures.
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