General Information
Homeworld Decapod 10
Height Human-like
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Futurama Universe

The Decapodians are a race of sapient, red, lobster-like creatures from Decapod 10. This breed evolved from lobsters.

Culture Edit

Decapodians do most of their building with packed sand. Their government is a totalitarian dictatorship, and there is little freedom on their world, which leads many Decapodians to seek it on other worlds, like Earth. It seems that the Decapodian culture has taken over many things from Human civilization, including many Jewish stereotypes (although, because they're a form of shellfish, this is quite ironic).They sometimes settle matters of honor by Claw-Plach, a ritual battle to the death before a massive audience. They also most commonly have a Yiddish accent.

Politics and War Edit

Decapodian Warships

Decapodian warships

While usually seeming peaceful on the surface, they can be provoked to declare all-out war at a moment's notice. They will enslave the entire population of a planet with their army, and force them to build the tools of their oppressors. They once declared war on Earth, and were actually successful in enslaving the population. However, in spite of the successful completion of the Mobile Oppression Palace, they were defeated and Earth freed by Dr. Zoidberg (4ACV05).

Mobile Oppression Palace Edit

Mobile Oppression Palace

The Mobile Oppression Palace

The Mobile Oppression Palace was a creation of the enslaved human race after the interplantary incident created by Dr. Zoidberg on Freedom Day in 3002. He sought sanctuary at the Decapodian Embassy. The Decapodians were so outraged, they sent a fleet of ships and enslaved all of Earth. Using mankind as slave labour, they managed to build the Mobile Oppression Palace. This seemed certain to cement their grip on Earth, but Zoidberg had a change of heart at the last minute and helped destroy the Palace. The Mobile Oppression Palace was capable of avoiding detection by heat-seeking missiles because all Decapodian technology is "cold-blooded".

Anatomy Edit

Decapodian Organs

Decapodian organs (autopsy)

Like lobsters or crabs on Earth, Decapodians have no bones. Instead they have an exoskeleton—a hard, chitinous shell which gives their body the rigidity needed to move about. These shells—like seemingly most of their other organs—are not an integral part of the body, but are moulted and replaced when they grow too large. They may vary in colour from pink, red, or brown, and all hues in between. They have claws instead of hands and feet, and have a row of four small finger-like flaps that cover their mouths. The thorax has three ridges, possibly containing orifices, and ink pouches are set in the armpits. A blowhole is set on top of the head, and the males possess a decorative fin in the same place that can be erected at will in times of the mating frenzy. Internal organs are numerous and seem to be vestigial or redundant. There are, among others, four hearts, a gas bladder, an "empathy" bladder, a stink gland, two stomachs, one containing fresh water and the other containing salt water (vomiting from both of them is a sign of happiness), gonads in their necks, and a tiny brain in their rump, which takes over during the mating frenzy. Apparently Decapodians are very strong, and their claws are sharp enough to cut steel bars and similarly hard things (but not diamond filaments). Decapodians are cold-blooded, the blood appears to be light purple in colour. They also have an organ that gives off foul odors when they become bored.

Pearls Edit

Like many Earth mollusks, Decapodians create pearls when irritants are introduced into their throats. These pearls are blue in appearance and can be used to make jewelry.

Reproduction Edit

Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love

The decapodian love ritual


The decapodian life cyrcle

As with life on Earth, female Decapodians carry eggs, which are fertilized by the males. Like many sea creatures, their survival strategy is to produce massive numbers of offspring, rather than to protect a small number of children until adulthood. Decapodians have no concept of love, and enter into relationships only for reproduction. When their mating season arrives, each male attempts to attract a female with an erotic display in the same place as the humans does their erotic display—the beach. Successful couples will participate in the mating frenzy. After participating in the frenzy, they die a gruesome death.


  • In their life cycle, they most complex stages to adulthood and it must take years to reach landbased child form.
  • Their culture is more similar to Hawaii's beachs, lei necklaces, clothing, hotels and numerous type of seafood, even though they speak with a Yiddish Accents. Also, a popular restaurant named the "Red Monkey" (a Red Lobster parody).
  • Sardines went extinct when the Decapodians came to Earth in 22nd century and harvesting the fishes because sardines are delicious to them.
  • The ink sac serves as a running gag to writing letters others to their kind part of the culture.
  • It believes that the one that never mated have their jelly remove, live alone or abandon their culture. Make more likely to take over as leader until the next Claw Plach or raise the orphan Decapodians, even as their foster parents.
  • It is hevily impiled that they are a communist race with even there flag resembilling the first flag of the Soveit Union.
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