Debrune is a Vulcan successor to S'task who led the caravan of vulcan immigrants to continue the quest for the new world about 4,000 years ago, he agreed to immigration law to other races to join the Vulcan crew, among them were the surviving species of the Sargon, unifying to a Vulcan group, generating hybrids that founded Mintaka III. Debrune accepted the option of permanence of these hybrids to the planet, following travel to the mission.

Commander Torak, successor of Admiral Debrune, founded a troop of Vulcan colonies called Debrune in: Rigel V, Barradas III, Yadalla Prime and Dessica II named after him, where some colonies near the neutral zone, was of Debrune origin, 100 years after the Romulan empire be founded by the Zami originated in Rigel V, some colonists received invitations from the Zami descendants to expand the Romulan empire, and little by little the colonies were abandoned to follow the planet Romulus as seen in the "ST: TNG - Gambit part 1, season 7".

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