The Dastasians are an alien species from the desert planet of Dastasia.

Biology Edit

Dastasians resemble Humans, though their perception is greater than humanity's given their ability to perceive through the invisibility of objects inherent in their technology.

Culture and society Edit

Dastasians are an expansionist race that view Humans as animals or waste.

History Edit

In 2013, the Dastasians invaded Earth, arriving in their ships. The Humans were unable to react accordingly to the invaders as the technology of the Dastasians was unusual in that all Dastasian buildings and vehicles were invisible to Human optics. Appearances of people riding invisible tubes and landing across the planet was thought to be hearsay or mass hysteria and not taken seriously. The Dastasians, putting the next phase of their plan, began constructing various devices across Earth. Human onlookers originally believed that the workers were pantomiming and thus the Dastasians were left alone. However, a few reporters began to catch on, leading to mass panic until the military finally came to act. It was too late as more Dastasians began to land and Earth weaponry could not even destroy the invisible installations they created. When the installations were turned on, the Humans were entranced by a strange music that drew them into the invisible devices and wiped out. The Humans that were saved were shipped to Dastasia and kept in a zoo.

Appearances Edit

  • Aliens: Extraterrestrial Tales of Terror, by Don L. Wulffson (1996)
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