Alien Species

The Dashade were a race of reptiloids with smooth, dark skin and hairless heads. Their lipless mouths with filled with large, sharp teeth, and they had beady eyes. The Dashade were native to the planet Urkupp, and were believed to have died out some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin when the Cron System was destroyed in the Great Sith War. An ancient Falleen, who had 38 Dashade enforcers in his employment, cryogenically froze them for later use. One of the Dashade was revived each century or so and put to use. The last known Dashade from this group was the shadow killer Ket Maliss, although investigation by the New Republic revealed other colonies of Dashade were raided for warriors to accompany the killers used by Darth Sidious during the Jedi Purge.

Because of the original, harsh environment of Urkupp, the Dashade evolved into a people who ruled by strength, with only the most capable warriors leading their people. This social characteristic only enhanced the power of the Dashade, which were naturally resilient and able to absorb large amounts of damage. The ancient Sith also discovered that certain Dashade individuals were immune to the Force, and employed them as bodyguards during the Great Sith War.

Notable members[]

  • Ket Maliss
  • Khem Val
  • Snar Extruct