Darshanide Gods

The Darshanide Gods are entities from the planet Troy.


The planet Troy is a world of magic, which flows from the legendary beast known the Magohamoth. However this power is relayed throughout the area by a sage of Eckmül, allowing people to use their psychic gifts. The land of Darshan however lacks sages from Eckmül, instead the Dashanids involuntarily channel the magic to beings of worship. These gods act as magical relays that serve to relay prayers and miracles within Dashan.


The gods are sentient and are aware they are the figments of creation from mortals. They rely on the power of their worshipers to remain strong. So they remain in contact with the ruling Court of the Shah. The gods live in the Palace of the Gods in the northern part of Darshan, where they are served by many mortals.

There are a multitude of gods, not just from humans, but animals and trolls that make their home in the palace. The gods of Darshan organize themselves into a society, possessing a celestial bureaucracy, with the most powerful god, having the most worshipers rule.

According to the Shah its recorded that their are 2,657 gods, however that number is noted to change depending on the status of the deity's worshipers. New gods are born when there is enough belief.

The lives of the gods are punctuated by immutable traditions. One of them is the hour of Zeugme, when they all gather around to eat and drink to heart's content.

Abilities Edit

The gods possess many abilities depending on their portfolio and jurisdiction. They are also capable of a degree of invisibility to watch over their followers and even affect them at long range. However every god needs to be within range of their believers else they will fade.

Known Members Edit

Appearance Edit

  • Lanfeust de Troy, tome 6 : Cixi impératrice
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