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Homeworld: Nazin

Known Emperors: Nazgur, Narzina, Morfane, Shador, Dar'Quan, Ssithra, Ember, Graymoran, Mysvaleer, Vale

Racial Tendencies: Aggressive Diplomats

Tech Specialties: Good Computers

Darloks were enemies of all other races with the notable exception of the Humans. This occurred because they were a treacherous (some say evil) race of shape-shifting spies. The Darlok skill at developing new computers aided their already deadly spying abilities. Darlok leaders were aggressive, but would try to buy time by signing treaties, waiting until their enemies were off guard to strike. Some people have noticed that these creatures resemble hooded wraiths.

The reputation of the Darlok race grew somewhat better over time; no longer were they considered the galaxy's ultimate enemy. That title belonged to the Antarans now. Darloks seemed to have changed in appearance as well, although with shapeshifters you never really know. Not only were they still the best spies, but they also found a secret method to hide all of their space vessels from any scanners. Only the Elerian galaxy-watchers could detect them. As one would expect, the leader of these secretive people was a Dictator. Darlok emperors were often hostile to others, and easily angered. The Darloks respected the more "evil" races: Gnolams, Meklars, and Silicoids. They did not like the Bulrathi, and they despised the Alkari.

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