Darkling Tentacles

Darkling Tentacle.

Darkling Tentacles are a type of Darkling - and by extension, an Ing - that take on a massively physiological form, wherein the only part recognized is a long tentacle which protrudes from walls through the use of portals, most commonly in narrow corridors where they can make the most of their sessility. Like all Ing, they are indigenous to Dark Aether. These tentacles of some larger Ing beast are used to drag unwitting prey back to wherever the tentacles actually originate from for the beast to feast upon.

Darkling Tentacles are known for their attempts to defend themselves, and as such should a dangerous lifeform such as a powerful bounty hunter and the Luminoth forces, the tentacle will begin swinging wildly to repel the foe, presumably trying to protect all of Ingkind as it could otherwise simply retract to its place of origin through the portals located behind it if it were simply trying to protect itself. Like most Ing, they dislike bright light and a bright flash will cause it to retract through its portal temporarily, further justifying that they are trying to protect all of Ingkind when dangers pass.

Darkling Tentacle Concept

Concept of a Darkling Tentacle.

The tentacles are capable of very swift movement, making it hard to hit them, even with such technology as a fast-firing Power Beam. Perhaps due to the actual size of the unseen organism, hitting them with conventional weaponry will not destroy them, and they will thereby always return to their wall placement if given enough time. They could be found everywhere in Dark Aether except for the Sky Temple; why they are absent from only the Sky Temple is not readily understood.

They fill a similar niche to the Reaper Vines and Aqua Reapers on the planet Tallon IV as well as the Whipvine only known upon the Bottle Ship.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)
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