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The Dark Matter Thieves were a group of aliens who were led by Lord Boros to find a worthy opponent for him.

Plot Edit

The Dark Matter Thieves arrive on Earth via a huge ship and entirely destroy A-City. The first member to exit the ship was Melzalgald who kills the Sky King and his henchmen. A member of the Hero Association, Iaian fights Melzalgald but Iaian's arm gets destroyed by it. Melzalgald splits itself into different forms but then is sliced into pieces by Atomic Samurai.

Melzalgald is confronted by Metal Bat, Silver Fang and Puri-Puri Prisoner. Whilst Melzalgald is fighting, he contacts the ship to fire cannons. one of its heads tries to contact the ship, but the head is struck by Metal Bat. Geryuganshoop informs Melzalgald that an intruder, who is Saitama had gotten inside the ship and has killed Groribas, who was guarding the ship's entrance.

Geryugapnshoop orders melzalgald to take care of Saitama as he has taken out many workers on the ship. However, Melzalgald states that at the moment he cannot take care of the intruder and asks for support from the cannons. One of Melzalgald's heads attempts to fly to the ship but is smashed by Metal Bat. After a few smashes, Metal Bat notices a marble inside the head, then crushes the marble which causes one of Melzalgald's heads to melt into a liquid.

On the ship, Geryuganshoop warns Saitama not to go any further into the ship but Saitama disobeys Geryuganshoop's orders and heads to Geryuganshoop's location. After Saitama meets Geryuganshoop, Geryuganshoop telekinetically throws rocks at Saitama which proves to be inaffective against Saitama, then Saitama throws a rock at Geryuganshoop's head, splitting Geryuganshoop's head and killing it.

After Saitama kills Geryuganshoop, he heads towards Boros' throne. Boros was impressed with Saitama, then explains that the reason why he attacked A-City is because of a prophecy that stated that Boros would find a worthy opponent. Annoyed, Saitama punches Boros, berating him for a stupid reason for destroying A-City.

Notable members Edit

  • Boros (leader)
  • Geryuganshoop
  • Groribas
  • Melzalgald
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