Dark Laser is a Darth Vader-inspired villain in the television show The Fairly OddParents.

Personality Edit

Dark Laser is a galactic warlord.

Enemies Edit

  • Timmy Turner
  • Mr. Turner
  • Mrs. Turner
  • Whoever is the hero of the Space Wars comic

Appearance Edit

Dark Laser appears on the Space Wars comic book. He is a slender plastic cyborg action figure.

Notes Edit

  • Though he is a Vader-inspired villain, he is also reminiscent of Emperor Zurg. This is likely for the show's sake (avoid ripping off Star Wars).
  • Conversely, the TV show's creator is said to be a Star Wars fanatic.
  • His name is an allusion to Darth Vader, a classic science fiction villain.
  • He loves his robot dog.
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