Dark Elves
Dark elves
General Information
Other Names Svartálfar
Homeworld Svartalfheim
Habitat dark matter
Body Type humanoid, elf-like
Skin Colors pale, ash-like (kursed)
Locomotion bipedal
Sapience Level sapient
Language Shiväisith, English
Racial Abilities super strength, super speed, immunity to certain physical laws, super durability, advanced reflexes, Kursed (abilities doubled)
Status deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel


The Dark Elves are a race of humanoid like aliens that lived in the void before the creation of our universe.

History Edit

The Dark Elves originated in a vast primordial darkness called the Ginnungagap, or what we know as the void. A place that existed prior to the creation of our universe and was composed of dark matter. When our universe was created with the civilizations of the Nine Realms beginning to thrive, the Dark Elves led by Malekith wanted to bring back existence's previous state of darkness by using the reality infinity stone called the Aether during a cosmic event called the Convergence (an event that aligns the Nine Realms and creates various rifts and portals to each realm) to turn all matter in the universe into dark matter. Another race from the Nine Realms called Asgardians led by their king Bor, fought the Dark Elves in a brutal war to drive them back into their home realm of Svartalfeim (a.k.a. The Dark World) and prevent Malekith's original attempt to revert the universe back into darkness. The Asgardians eventually succeeded and managed to take the Aether from Malekith before he could use it during the Convergence. In a last ditch effort to stop the Asgardians, Malekith droped the many ships piloted by the Dark Elves to destroy everything beneath them, however the Asgardians managed to escape via the Bifrost. Malekith and many other Dark Elves manage to escape the destruction and became the last surviving Dark Elves as the rest were killed by Malekith's suicidal attempt at destroying the Asgardians. As the Asgardians held possession of the Aether, they decided to bury it deep underground in their home realm of Asgard.


Dark Elf ship

Five thousand years later as another Convergence begins to occur, a woman named Jane Foster accidentally goes through a portal created by the oncoming event to the Aether and becomes infected by it. As the Aether moved into her body and Jane went back through the portal that bought her there, Malekith detected the Aether and attempted to turn all matter in the universe into dark matter. They tracked the Aether to Asgard after Thor Odinson brought Jane Foster there to extract the infinity stone from her body, where the Dark Elves destroyed much of the realm and killed Thor's mother. In an attempt to remove the Aether from Jane Foster and destroy it, Thor and his adopted brother Loki decided to travel to Svartaflheim and have Loki act as if he betrayed Thor and have Malekith remove the Aether from Jane Foster and use it to bring back the universes primordial darkness in return to watch Asgard be destroyed. Malekith does do so but as the Aether is being extracted, Thor would use his hammer Mjölnir to destroy the Aether as it is removed from Jane. Unfortunately, this plan fails with the Aether's indestructible properties and it then enters into Malekith. Malekith then travels to Earth as the Convergence began to go into effect, but Thor travelled there using the Bifrost to stop him. They began to battle ruthlessly with their fighting being held throughout the nine realms by the many portals created by the Convergence. As Thor was left in another area on Earth, Malekith managed begin the process of plunging the universe into darkness. Thor manages to return to Malekith's whereabouts to use the prtals of the Convergence against Malekith by having him be transported back to Svartalfeim with the Aether being left on Earth and have Malekith's ship also be sent to Svartalfeim to fall onto him, killing Malekith and all the other Dark Elves. The Aether was then taken by the Asgardians and was entrusted to be protected by the Collector.

Kursed DE

Kursed soldier

The Kursed Edit

The Kursed are a form of "super soldier" created by the Dark Elves. A form of Dark Elf more powerful and destructive than their original counterparts. A Dark Elf can become a Kursed Dark Elf by crushing a Kursed stone, giving them immense strength and durability. The Kursed stones turn Dark Elves into much more corrupted versions of their former selves and as a Dark Elf becomes Kursed, the Kursed Dark Elf would eventually become consumed by darkness. A Kursed Dark Elf can be so powerful that it can destroy a force field with it's bare hands and knock back Mjölnir, one of Asgard's most powerful weapons ever forged, mid flight.

Kurse DE2

Kursed Algrim

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