Alien Species
Universe Star Control
Homeworld Unknown (likely vessels similar to the Mother Ark)
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Unspecified
Language Daktaklakpak
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient
Subspecies None

The Daktaklakpak are a group of semi-sapient machines originally built by the Precursors, putting them in the same boat as the Mycon. Due to their having been directly created by the Precursors they have evolved into arrogant beings, as they no longer realize that they were built as simple maintenance drones. They were in fact prevented by their creators from being able to reach full sapience which, when combined with their amateurish self-modification, has resulted in an initially indecipherable language, although it was eventually translated.

An example of this language would be: "Daktaklakpak! 5576 squared! 888, warning!" "Daktaklakpak" is in fact the beginning of an alphanumeric string that encodes their creation within Precursor factories, perhaps including the Mother-Ark, their full name is the entirety of the code, containing all information about them. They believe this also applies to the Eternal Ones, as they mistake the "One" for a "1", which they believes indicates code.

In more recent years they have joined the Hegemonic Crux and operate as the technological wing of the group. This was done because of their adoration for their creators and their obsession with seeking their artifacts and other such relics. This obsession is first and foremost, and so they will eagerly defect for the pursuit of the greater knowledge. Their most prudent quest involves discovering the full name of the Eternal Ones, which they believe will reveal the exact nature of the species and therefore likely the proper way to defeat them; however upon giving them the information they will go insane and tear themselves and their own ships apart.

For this information they will trade virtually anything, including information upon their allies, advanced weaponry, or even service in battle. They are also noted for having traded a Precursor vessel to the Ploxis for several artifacts of value. It was with this vessel that the Ploxis Plutocrats and the K'tang Kaktorri successfully won the war against the rest of the Ploxis, thereby giving way to the Crux. They utilize their ships, the Vivisectors, to dissect new races and technologies provided by their allies to aid them. Several such craft are stationed at every artifact site in the Kessari Quadrant, likely guarding them until excavation crew can arrive.


  • "Daktaklakpak" is pronounced "Dack-Tack-Lack-Pack".
  • Everything in Star Control 3 is no longer considered canon in accordance to the Star Control Universe, and therefore, neither are the Daktaklakpak.