Daklar is a Noxalite and a character from the Planetoid Comic Series.

History Edit

Daklar was possibly stranded on Primus Polaris as an Ono Mao slave. He later became a member of Ozender's Tribe with his brother Sadot. His tribe was saved from a River ambush by the ex-soldier Silas Aden. His tribe joined Silas for protection.

After Silas Aden began to gather all the tribes on the Slab in cooperation rather than through force, Ozender chose to leave, however Daklar decided to stay with the rest of his tribe. Under Silas's tutelage he learned the basics of mechanics and welding, becoming a competent engineer.

When General Boa's Rovers attacked the Community, Daklar rallied the people to fight back. He witnessed Silas sacrifice himself to destroy. A decade later, he fathered a daughter named Satari. He became Onica Verona's second in command after the death of Silas.

When the Ono Mao college student, O-Hom, visited the Community, he was all for killing the boy for his ancestors crimes. He reasoned he was possibly a military spy as O-Hom claimed to come from Rio Gama, a Ono Mao military base. After O-Hom was killed by the Community, he and his brother salavaged and dismantled O-Hom's ship, who noted that it possessed the ability to leave Primus Polaris's atmosphere but he ultimately decided to hide the information.

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