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Dagon is an interdimensional demonic entity.



In his true form, Dagon appears as a large green octopus-like creature. In the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, Dagon took the form of a black-scaled western dragon with a green belly and wings. When he fought against Ultimate Way Big, Dagon took on a form similar to his true form but with a more snake-like body.

Powers and abilities[]

Dagon possesses enhanced strength, being able to lift Evolved To'kustars with his tentacles.

Dagon also possesses enhanced durability, being able to withstand multiple hits from Crystalsapiens and Evolved To'kustars and regenerate shortly afterward.

Like the Lucubra, Dagon can control minds, but to a much greater degree.

Dagon is able to control weather, and can summon lightning and acidic rain.

Dagon is able to freely reshape his body into a variety of forms, such as a serpent or dragon.

Dagon possesses enhanced vision, being able to see beings that are very small compared to him.

Dagon is immune to being either controlled by a Vladat's Corrupturas or possessed by an Ectonurite.[1]

Dagon is not afraid of Toepick's Species.[1]


  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, s03e42, "A Knight To Remember" (2011)



  • Dagon's name and appearance seems to be inspired by two ancient alien deities from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos: Dagon and Cthulhu himself.


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