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In the year 2002, one of the Daggra crashed it's spacecraft into Mount Ibuski, Japan and was captured and contained in the National Institute of Space Science. Soon after it arrived at the institute, the alien creature relayed a distress call to its Mothership. Whether accidentally or intentionally, the creature was killed, sparking a war between the Daggra and humanity. Their technology was light-years beyond that which the human race possessed; with their superior technology they nearly wiped out the entire population of the earth, save a small group of survivors hiding in Tibet. The remaining human population built a time machine called the Time Shifter, which they used to return to the past and prevent the war from starting. Eventually, humanity rescued the alien and reurned it to the Daggra, presumably ending the war.


Healing Device[]

One feature of a Daggra powered armor suit is an armature that can project a healing field onto other Daggra, capable of reversing at least "clean" deaths.


Daggra are able to project a portal of interstellar scope and precision. This ability appears to be psychic in nature, as the captured Daggra directly created it from its own body. A very large spacecraft (larger than an oil rig) the same Daggra identified as "the gate" could scale the same effect up to its own size.


Daggra powered armor can project a defensive energy field around itself that is impenetrable to firearms. There was at least one point in the war where humans were able to counter it.

Suicide Drone[]

One of the weapons used in the Daggra assault on the time shifter in 2084 was a small drone that would kill groups of people with a near-ton explosion.

Behind the scenes[]

  • "Daggra" is Tibetan for "enemy".

    Daggra as they appear in their mech suits.


  • The Returner (2002)


  • The Returner