Wildstorm Universe Daemonite

The Daemonites are a reptilian race of intergalactic conquerors from the DC Universe and previously the Wildstorm Universe.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Wildstorm[edit | edit source]

  • The Daemonites were created as a servitor race for the Kherubim by one of the Shaper World Engines. Later they rebelled and destroyed their Kheran "Lords". Afterwards the Daemonites began a campaign a galactic conquest and fought the Kherans for control of their home galaxy, the Milky Way. It was a war which was waged for 1000s of years but eventually ended in defeat for the Daemonites. They were forced to pay reparations to the Kherans and some Daemonites ended up living in the homeworld of the Kherubim (Khera) where they lived in ghettos.
  • Thousands of years ago, two warships (one Kheran and one Daemonite), found themselves in battle near Earth and both ended up crashing on the world below. The survivors continued the war on Earth and interbred with the humans. Eventually the Kherans created the Coda Sisterhood of Amazon-like warriors and the Daemonites created the Cabal. The Daemonites on Earth were led by three "High Lords" of whom the Lord Helspont was the most important one. The Kherans were led by Lord Majestor and Lord Emp.

DC Comics[edit | edit source]

  • The Daemonites started out as a human-like species from a distant galaxy whom had a hive mind and the ability to shapeshift. They were conquerors who would infilrate alien worlds, and after studying them they would conquer the aliens. In the aftermath, the Daemonites biologically hybridized their species with the newly conquered species, thereby changing their species. The Daemonite empire spans several galaxies.
  • Lord Helspont (son of the empress) disgreed with the hybridizing of their species, seeing it as a long term threat to the viability of the race. Upon being exiled, he and a group of his followers visited Earth and established a base on the world thousnds of years go, where the Daemonites would monitor the humans who had great potential due to the mutagene. While on Earth, they manipulated human history. Lord Helspont by the 21st century had become the ruler of the Daemonite empire.

DC Universe Daemonite

Technology[edit | edit source]

Wildstorm = The Daemonites possessed interstellar warships, nanotechnology, and energy weapons. They created an inter-dimensional gate to the "Bleed" (a dimension that connected the realities of the Wildstorm Multiverse). Daemonites on Earth were equipped with "stealth-suits" which hid them from most types of detection and "flash-suits" which upon activation would reveal the user outfitted with armor that came with built-in weapon systems.

DC Comics = The Daemonites have interstellar warships (as large as planetoid-size ones) and energy weapons. Using science and mysticism they've created biotechnological droids which are as strong and invulnerable as Kryptonians and have the ability to teleport long-distances.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Wildstorm = The Daemonites' reptilian form is hunched and human-sized. It has two to four red eyes, sharp teeth, two to four arms, and long claws. They have the ability to possess hosts and use the host's abilities. Elites also possess the ability to shapeshift into any form, organic or inorganic, at will.

DC Comics = The Daemonites' are almost twice as tall as humans in their natural forms. Which currently is a reptilian form that has two arms, a long whip-like tail, an elongated head, claws, and a tentacled mouth. They are telepathic and are part of a hive mind. Daemonites are able to possess other sentients and when in the host can use it's abilities. They also have a degree of chronokinetic ability and the elites are able to shapeshift into any organic or inorganic form at will.

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