Alien Species
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Unknown (Theorized to be Zebes, although this seems unlikely)
Average Height ~6ft
Diet Unknown (Likely Herbivorous or Insectivorous)
Sapience Level Sapient (Presumed yet likely)

Dachora are a species of extremely fast avianoid organisms which may in fact harbor sapience, although this appears to not be known about by the Galactic Federation. Their potential sapience is made more likely given their escape from Zebes when it was destroyed. They are considered herbivorous or even insectivorous, as the only known adult Dachora seen appeared to be grazing.

While it is unknown whether they are in fact native to Zebes (which seems very unlikely, although one Dachora was known to have produced a nest on the world), one was discovered on the planet during Samus Aran's second raid of the planet. She apparently startled the Dachora, who subsequently taught her the Shinespark technique, which is natural to the Dachora species. After the destruction of the Mother Brain and the countdown to the destruction of Zebes, Samus accidentally stumbled upon the Dachora and the Etecoons, trapped in a room as lava was seeping into it. Using the Hyper Beam she destroyed a wall which apparently led to their starship, and they escaped.

This same Dachora and its hatchling (likely the one seen in the nest it had on Zebes) was then captured by the BSL Station, which was in orbit above SR388. Again, they were saved by Samus, and subsequently saved her life as well by flying her new gunship out of the hangar as an Omega Metroid rampaged through the location.