Da'nor Flying Lizard
Da'nor Flying Lizard
General Information
Other Names Flying Lizard
Homeworld Da'nor
Habitat Equatorial Forest
Body Type Squamate
Locomotion In Air: Powered flight
On Land: Quadrupedal crawling
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe
"These lizards must have a superior form of intelligence, even if they can't communicate. They must have figured out we want to go back to our own kind."

The Da'nor Flying Lizard was a species of non-sapient squamates indigenous to a single equatorial forest on the planet Da'nor. Like other lizard-equivalents, the flying lizards are ectothermic organisms, needing to warm their bodies up to become active as they cannot regulate their own temperature. They are covered in iridescent, mostly blue scales, though they have green stripes along the stomach and red spots along its back. They also have moderately-sized, dragon-like leathery wings of about a 1m wingspan, sharp claws and teeth.

Behavior and intellectEdit

Da'nor Flying Lizard Full

The full form of a Flying Lizard.

Prey animals to a species of predator bird-equivalents on their homeworld, their species developed a strategy of pushing back against their foes with strength in numbers and superior tactics such as a double flanking maneuver and a pincer movement, which likely led directly to developing their developing emerging sapience.

Although their intellect is likely only on par with chimpanzees, it has been recorded that an individual flying lizard that had accompanied Stuart Zissu as a pet helped its master and his friends return to a nearby city by grasping onto the ropes that had snapped on their hot air balloon.


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