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DNAliens are hybrid alien drones of Xenocites and a host species that serve the Highbreed as their minions.



DNAliens share a similar posture to a host's species yet have beige skin, black hands and feet resembling a Highbreed's, and a head resembling a Xenocite.

These attributes are caused as a result of a Xenocite attaching itself to a host's face and overwriting their original DNA with the Xenocite's own code like a virus.

Though they must bond to either the males or females of a species, the DNAliens themselves are asexual.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

DNAliens are best known for trapping their victims by coughing up balls of a sticky yellow slime-like resin from their mouths.[2] They can also spit out slime while disguised as humans.

A DNAlien's resign can harden relatively quickly and is almost unbreakable when solidified. It is also strong enough to trap species such as Tetramands and Aquarians.

DNAliens are multilingual, being able to speak in multiple languages such as English and their own native language.

Most DNAliens are strong enough to overpower humans with ease, especially with their sharp claws.

DNAliens have enhanced jumping and can release tentacles from their bodies.

DNAliens are good in handling technology, as they often use laser guns to shoot down their foes and ID Masks that can be used to disguise themselves as Humans.

Much like their masters, DNAliens thrive in cold weather. To survive Earth's climate, they use weather machines to make the climate of area cold, rainy, or snowy.


The DNAliens' reliance on cold weather makes them weak to heat and fire. Interestingly, they are not immune to cold-based powers, as some DNAliens were frozen by the ice breath of a Necrofriggian.

DNAliens are shown to be rather cowardly, meaning they can be scared into submission and easily interrogated.

DNAliens can be reverted to normal by DNA repair devices such as the Buggzappers. Of course, these devices must be specifically tuned to a host species' genetic code in order to reverse the transformation. Otherwise, they will not have any effect.

Because they prefer cold climates, DNAliens are weak to heat and fire. However, they are not freeze-proof and will still be rendered immobile when frozen.

Human-based DNAliens are weak to high-frequency sounds such as that generated by a Sonorosian.

If the Xenocite's host has strong enough willpower, they can resist commands or completely take control of their body again.

Culture and society[]

Though the DNAlien transformation process can take hours, that does not prevent the host's mind from being corrupted. Once the host is completely turned, the resulting DNAliens become nameless and (ostensibly) faceless,[3] serving the Highbreed as minions by fulfilling roles such as workers and soldiers.


A way for Humans to be transformed into these bizarre creatures consists of being attacked by and merged with Xenocites, as shown when Gwen Tennyson's brother Kenneth was nearly transformed into a DNAlien.

Many DNAliens were sent to the Null Void by Max Tennyson, the Tetramand Manny Armstrong, the Kineceleran Helen Wheels, and her adoptive brother Pierce.

The majority of the DNAliens were reverted to normal by the Omnitrix's genetic repair function alongside the Highbreed. Therefore, DNAliens are currently extinct.



  • The DNAliens were conceived by Glen Murakami and Dwayne McDuffie and are visually based on plants.[1]
  • The crew had plans to show some non-human breeds of DNAliens in Alien Force, but ran out of room.[1] However, the Alien Force video game would feature Pyronite, Vulpimancer, and Null Guardian DNAliens as enemies in the console version while a Florauna DNAlien appears in the Nintendo DS version as a boss.
  • People who used to be DNAliens do not remember being DNAliens.[1]
  • The DNAliens do not have a hivemind. Rather, they must simply obey any order from any Highbreed.[1]
  • Because their origin was largely unknown, nobody knew why the DNAliens swore their allegiance to the Highbreed. Some believed it was because they revered and worshipped whoever was the very first race of intelligent beings in the history of the universe. Others believed that the Highbreed had some kind of leverage over the DNAliens.[3]


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