Alien Species

DNAliens are half-alien drones that are the Highbreed's minions and half-of the host species.



DNAliens are humanoid entities with beige skin, black hands and feet resembling a Highbreed's and a head resembling a Xenocite.

Powers and abilities[]

DNAliens can shoot goop, similar to Lepidopterrans and Sphoeroids, that is strong enough to trap a Tetramand.

To survive Earth's climate, DNAliens use weather machines to make the climate cold, rainy, or snowy.


The DNAliens' reliance on cold weather does not make them immune to cold-based powers, as some DNAliens were frozen by the ice breath of a Necrofriggian.

Culture and society[]

Utilizing special identity masks, they become ordinary Humans, allowing them to hide anywhere. There are millions of them, and they are commonly battled by the Tennysons and Kevin Levin.


A way for Humans to be transformed into these bizarre creatures consists of being attacked by and merged with Xenocites, as shown when Gwen Tennyson's brother Kenneth was nearly transformed into a DNAlien.

Many DNAliens were sent to the Null Void by Max Tennyson, the Tetramand Manny Armstrong, the Kineceleran Helen Wheels, and her adoptive brother Pierce.

The majority of the DNAliens were reverted to normal by the Omnitrix's genetic repair function alongside the Highbreed. Therefore, DNAliens are currently extinct.