General Information
Homeworld D'amara
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Titan A.E. Universe

The D'amarans were an species from the planet D'amara in the Titan AE Universe.

Background Edit

The D'amarans were a species affiliated with humanity. Decades prior to the Drej invasion of Earth, the planet D'amara became a prime target of one of the Drej royals: Lehedihir, in order use the planet's energy to gestate his Octajava with a new breed of drones. The leaders of D'amara immediately set forth the Mizarite Armada against the invaders, though to be cautious they sent out a plea for help to Earth.

The D'amarans held off the Drej even winning against them. The humans en-route to D'amara were thereby attacked by the Drej who targeted the Kronus outpost where their most sensitive research was kept on a new for of terraforming. Due to the request for help and the Drej attack, it was believed that the D'amarans were in cahoots with the Drej.

The D'amarans managed to hold off against the invaders though later it was revealed that their victories were mostly due to infighting between the Drej leaders. After the Dreq Queen Octajava killed the other royals she turned to Earth as her intended target abandoning D'amara.

Appearances Edit

  • TITAN A.E. #1
  • TITAN A.E. #2
  • TITAN A.E. #3
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