General Information
Homeworld Allavon
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Jirni Universe

The D'Jinn are a race of ethereal beings that hail from a realm called Allavon.

Biology Edit

The D'jinn are humanoid blue skin beings, though they are capable of turning into mist and taking human form. They possess great celestial and magical powers. They are capable of breeding with humans.

History Edit

A some point in time several D'Jinn broken rules of Allavon. These criminals were condemn to be imprisoned within a physical object and banished from Allavon. They would be stranded into the Jirni world unable to return home and forced into servitude to however possessed their vessel.

Culture Edit

The D'jinn have a very strict culture with the ultimate price for infraction being imprisoned within a vessel and banished from the realm. The vessels that imprison the D'jinn condemn the to eternal servitude and loss of free will. They vessels cannot be destroyed by anything except by one who is part D'Jinn.

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